Freedom offering Pixel 8 for $0/mo on a $45/mo+ plan

You'll have to return the device after 24 months or pay Freedom $360 to keep it

Freedom Mobile is offering a free Pixel 8 for Black Friday.

Currently, customers can get Google’s latest smartphone for $0 down and $0/mo for 24 months with Freedom’s TradeUp program and a minimum $45/mo plan (including the $5/mo Digital Discount applied for using automatic payments).

TradeUp, for those not familiar with the system, reduces the monthly cost of a smartphone if customers agree to return it at the end of their two-year contract. Alternatively, customers can pay the TradeUp amount to hold onto the phone. In the case of the Pixel 8, the TradeUp amount is $360, which is a pretty solid deal.

The minimum $45/mo plan includes 50GB of 5G data and unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting.

If you’d rather not do the TradeUp program, you can get the Pixel 8 for $15/mo for 24 months, which still works out to $360 after two years.

Previously, Freedom offered the Pixel 8 for $10/mo on TradeUp and $20/mo without TradeUp.

You can check out the deal for yourself here.

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