Telus, Koodo Stream+ bundle available for $10/mo for three months

You can save $18/mo for the first three months on Stream+

Telus and Koodo are back with a big discount on their Stream+ service.

Released back in 2022, Stream+ bundles a handful of streaming platforms into one price that gets tacked on to your Telus or Koodo bill. The bundle includes Netflix, Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Telus’ own TV+ service. Typically, the bundle costs $28/mo — already a discount compared to the price of getting the services separately — but for a limited time, customers can get the bundle for $10/mo.

The $10/mo discount lasts for three months before reverting to the regular $28/mo price.

To further sweeten the deal, the prices of Apple TV+ and Discovery+ have both recently increased in Canada.

It’s worth noting that Stream+ has been discounted like this before, including back in August 2023.

You can check out Stream+ with Telus here or with Koodo here.

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