Discovery+ subscriptions are getting more expensive in Canada

Starting October 3rd, the ad-free tier will cost $8.99/mo and the ad-lite tier will cost $5.99/mo

The cost of your Discovery+ subscription is going up.

According to a press release cited by Gizmodo, both the ad-free and ad-filled ‘ad-lite’ subscription tiers are getting price hikes in both the U.S. and Canada starting October 3rd.

In Canada, the monthly cost of Discovery+ will go from $6.99/mo to $8.99/mo. Meanwhile, the ad-lite tier will go to $5.99/mo (in the U.S., however, it will hold steady at $4.99/mo).

Existing subscribers will see the increase on their next billing cycle.

Gizmodo noted that the press release says this is the first price increase for Discovery+ since the service launched in January 2021. However, with just about every streaming service jacking up prices, knowing this is Discovery+’s first increase doesn’t help much.

It’s also worth noting that the price change surprisingly adds more value to Telus’ Stream+ bundle, which includes Netflix Premium ($20.99/mo), Apple TV+ ($8.99/mo) and Discovery+ ($4.99/mo). The bundle costs $28/mo, which is already a discount compared to paying for these subscriptions individually.

Update October 4th, 2023 at 4:08pm ET: Telus confirmed to MobileSyrup that it has “no plans to adjust the price of our Stream+ bundle at this time.”

Header image credit: Discovery+

Source: Gizmodo