Telus offers huge discount on Stream+ bundle with Netflix, Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Telus TV+

You can get $34.97/mo worth of subscriptions for $10/mo for the first three months

Telus’ 2022-released Stream+ is a bundle of streaming services that includes Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, discovery+ ad-lite and Telus TV+.

At the moment, the carrier is offering a discount on the bundle service for the first three months, as shared by iPhoneInCanada.

The bundle normally costs $28 per month. However, it’s currently available for $10 per month for the first three months.

The bundle’s offerings add up to $34.97. For reference, the bundle offers the Netflix Premium subscription, which costs $20.99. It includes an Apple TV subscription which normally costs $8.99 and a Discovery+ subscription which costs $4.99 normally, while Telus TV is included in Stream+.

So essentially, it offers $34.97 worth of subscriptions for $28 per month. And with the promotion, you can get $34.97/mo worth of subscriptions for $10/mo for the first three months, marking a 71 percent discount.

It’s worth noting that the offer is available to all Telus mobility customers with a mobility plan who add Stream+. The offer is not applicable to customers who currently have Stream+ as an add-on.

Learn more about the promotion here.

Image credit: Telus

Source: Telus, Via: iPhoneInCanada