Apple Watch battery drain issues to be addressed soon in update: report

Several Apple Watch models have been suffering from the issue

Over the past week, some Apple Watch users have been reporting significant battery drain after updating to watchOS 10.1.

Now, Apple says it’s working on a fix for these issues, according to MacRumors. The outlet says it’s obtained an internal memo in which Apple acknowledges the battery drain problems and says a watchOS update to fix them is “coming soon.”

The issue is widespread enough that there have been reports across platforms like Apple Support Community, Reddit and X (Twitter). According to these users, everything from the older Watch SE and Watch Series 5 models to newer watches like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 have been affected.

Interestingly, Apple appears to have already attempted to fix the issue, albeit unsuccessfully. As MacRumors points out, Apple said iOS 17.1 resolved an issue where “increased power consumption might occur” with a paired Apple Watch running watchOS 10.1, but reports of the battery drain have persisted.

It remains to be seen exactly when Apple will roll out a proper fix for all Watch users.

Source: MacRumors

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