Google’s Credential Manager makes it easier to sign into apps

Credential Manager launches November 1st

Google has announced that Credential Manager will be available starting November 1st. Credential Manager will simplify how users sign in to their apps and websites and, at the same time, make them secure.

Credential Manager supports passkeys, Android’s passwordless authentication, combining them with traditional sign-in methods like passwords into one unified interface.

Credential Manager is designed to simplify the lives of users. It lets users choose the account they want and use smart defaults to piss whether they want to use a password, biometrics or a passkey.

When a user opens an app with more than one account with the Credential Manager, it will show both of the available accounts, and all you need to do is choose one. For instance, I have multiple Instagram accounts, one for work and one for myself, and if I were to open the app, the Credential Manager would show the accounts and whether I use a password or passkey.

Credential Manager also works with apps like 1Password and Enpass.

Source: Google Developer Blog

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