More Pixel Tablet details emerge, confirm no ‘pro’ variant

The previously rumoured 'pro' Pixel Tablet actually just sports Google's Tensor G2 chip, which will be the only version Google releases

We’ve known for a while that Google is working on a Pixel Tablet — the company has teased the tablet multiple times already. However, beyond snippets of information from Google, we’ve had to rely on leaks and rumours for everything else we know. Well, the latest leak indicates some previous information about the Pixel Tablet was incorrect, namely the existence of a Pixel Tablet Pro.

Researcher and leaker Kuba Wojciechowski took to Twitter to share a new round of information about Google’s upcoming tablet. Wojciechowski started by explaining new information that supersedes their previous leak about the Pro tablet, based on uncovered codenames ‘tangor’ and ‘tangorpro.’ In short, Wojciechowski learned that tangorpro actually replaces the tangor variant of the Pixel Tablet — the only major difference between the two devices was the chip, with tangor using the first-gen Tensor and tangorpro using Tensor G2.

Wojciechowski tweeted that Google cancelled the tangor project and that we’re likely to get one Pixel Tablet — the tangorpro variant.

Moreover, Wojciechowski shared some information on the tablet’s other specs, citing an anonymous source. The Pixel Tablet will reportedly include 8GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of Kioxia UFS storage. The tablet will also sport a side-mounted fingerprint reader and a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display. Wojciechowski  noted details of the display driver, writing that it’s “typically used for driving the backlight layer on LCDs, which means that the Pixel Tablet most likely doesn’t have an OLED screen.”

The Pixel Tablet does have two docking station options, one with a speaker and one that’s just for charging, as previously rumoured.

Finally, Wojciechowski shared several pictures of a Pixel Tablet on a charging stand, but the pictures don’t really reveal much we didn’t already know about the device. The biggest piece of information is a sticker on the tablet with the acronym ‘EVT,’ which stands for “engineering validation test.” According to 9to5Google, EVT is a common step in building and testing a new device. The stickers also reference the two docking stations.

Source: @Za_Raczke Via: 9to5Google

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