Reddit Recap 2022 tells you how much you’ve scrolled on the app

Users can download and share their unique cards on and off Reddit to highlight their Recaps

Following Spotify’s Wrapped recap of users’ music tastes, Reddit is now offering its own personalized recap presented as trading cards.

The recap provides insight into 2022’s most memorable moments, highlights the website’s most active communities, and reveals the biggest conversation drivers on Reddit and beyond. The website is home to over 100,000 active communities globally, with Redditors creating more than 430 million posts in 2022, a 14 percent increase when compared to 2021.

“As of November 20, we’ve seen 2.5+ billion total comments, a 7 percent increase YoY, and 24+ billion upvotes,” reads Reddit’s blog post about the recap.

Check out some of the 2022 Reddit stats below:

The Most Upvoted Posts:

  1. r/place: Full screenshot of r/place 2022 (434,300 upvotes)
  2. r/interestingasfuck: In 1996 Ukraine handed over nuclear weapons to Russia “in exchange for a guarantee never to be threatened or invaded” (403,500 upvotes)
  3. r/mademesmile: he finally got his acorn 🥺 (379,800 upvotes)
  4. r/aww: Man stops to rescue kitten, gets ambushed by platoon (357,200 upvotes)
  5. r/place: Place has ended. (353,700 upvotes)

The Most Upvoted AMAs:

  1. r/movies Hello, I’m Nicolas Cage and welcome to Ask Me Anything (238,500 upvotes)
  2. r/iama I am Jon Stewart, host of The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple TV+, and I’m here to talk with you about the stock market. AMA! (72,800 upvotes)
  3. r/iama I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and author of “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.” Ask Me Anything. (48,900 upvotes)
  4. r/iama I’m LeVar Burton, host of LeVar Burton Reads. AMA! (48,700 upvotes)
  5. r/comics Hello, my name is Zach Stafford, I make extra fabulous, deogie, and Pervis comics. I have been making comics for ten years and I’m finally making a book! AMA (48,600 upvotes)

Notably, the recap blog post also notes the top animal communities, most-viewed TV-related subreddits, most-viewed subreddits in Men’s and Women’s Fashion Interest Group, gaming and sports-related stats and more.

Check out the full report here.

Individuals can also find their personalized year-end recap with things like their most upvoted comment, whether you’re team Cat or team Dog, your Avatar outfit changes, r/place tiles placed and see how you compare with other users with ‘Rare,’ ‘Epic,’ and ‘Legendary’ superpower status, which is based on how much Karma you’ve earned.

“Users can download and share this unique card on and off Reddit to highlight their Reddit Recaps with others. To help protect privacy, users can decide if they do or don’t want to display their username and Avatars when sharing their Recaps,” reads Reddit’s blog about personalized recaps.

Learn more here.


Image credit: Reddit

Source: Reddit

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