Musk considering more layoffs at Twitter

The most recent threat of job cuts at Twitter now focuses on the sales and partnerships teams

Despite multiple rounds of layoffs at Twitter, remaining employees aren’t safe from the threat of job cuts.

Bloomberg reports Twitter owner Elon Musk is considering laying off employees in the sales and partnerships teams.

The latest round of job cuts came after Musk sent out an email outlining his vision for Twitter 2.0, which forced employees to sign on to a rigorous work life or find work elsewhere. Hundreds of employees opted to leave the company. It’s unclear how many people will be impacted by Musk’s most recent consideration.

Twitter’s workforce first started to dwindle when Musk issued mass layoffs soon after buying the social media platform, dismissing nearly 50 percent of its employees. Contract staff were then cut, and  Musks’ emailed ultimatum came soon after. Musk also fired several individual employees who were critical of him. 

It’s unclear how many employees remain in the workforce, which once stood at 7,500.

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Source: Bloomberg

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