Canadian Google Store trade-in values decrease, still worse than U.S. [Update]

Some trade-in values went down for the U.S. store too, but the values are still much better than what's offered to Canadians

Canadians eager to pre-order Google’s new Pixel 7 or 7 Pro may find themselves underwhelmed by the company’s trade-in offers, especially compared to the U.S. Google Store.

As pointed out by some MobileSyrup readers, Google is offering higher trade-in values for devices in the U.S. than in Canada. For example, the Pixel 6 Pro nets a $350 $300 CAD trade-in value, but in the U.S., it’s $480 $430 USD (about $658 $590 CAD).

Note: several trade-in values have changed. See below for more details.

Moreover, the U.S. Google Store offers up to $750 off any Pixel 7 phone with qualifying trade-ins, further pumping up the value. The only promotion available for the Pixel 7/7 Pro in Canada so far is a $200 Google Store credit towards another purchase, but the U.S. Store also offers that promo.

Left: Canadian trade-in estimate for Pixel 6 Pro / Right: U.S. trade-in estimate for Pixel 6 Pro.

Some other trade-in value estimates can be found below (based on trading in for a 128GB Pixel 7 Pro):

  • Pixel 6: $290 $240 CAD | $440 USD ($603 CAD)
  • Pixel 5: $213 $188 CAD | $400 $380 USD ($548 $522 CAD)
  • Galaxy S22+: $430 $410 CAD | $600 $570 USD ($823 $783 CAD)
  • iPhone 13 Pro: $540 $525 CAD | $625 $595 USD ($857 $817 CAD)

Update 2022/10/20 at 1:18pm ET: Google has reduced some trade-in values for Canadians. As pointed out on Twitter, the Pixel 6 now has an estimated trade-in value of $240. Similarly, the Pixel 6 Pro trade-in has dropped to $300 in Canada. Some of the U.S. trade-in values also decreased, although they’re still much higher than in Canada.

The above list of trade-in values has been updated accordingly.

While it’s not a huge surprise that Google offers different promotions in different regions, it seems strange that there’s such a wide difference in trade-in values for the same phones in different regions. MobileSyrup has asked Google Canada about the differences and will add any additional information the company provides to this story.

In the meantime, it may be worth checking out trade-in offers from other places to see if you can get better value for your old devices elsewhere. Check out MobileSyrup’s guide to trade-ins in Canada here.

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