Canadian Google Store won’t have 512GB Pixel 7 Pro ‘right now’

It's not clear if or when it will be available

Google’s new Pixel 7 Pro comes in three storage sizes, but Canadians will only get access to two.

The search giant confirmed to MobileSyrup that the 512GB Pixel 7 Pro won’t be on the Google Store “right now.” It’s unclear when, or even if, it will come to the Canadian store in the future.

That leaves Canadians with a choice between the $1,179 128GB Pixel 7 Pro or the $1,309 256GB.

While for me, 128GB of storage remains more than enough, the lack of 512GB may be a real bummer for some. For example, if you take a ton of photos or videos, you may run into the limits of the smaller storage sizes much faster.

The Pixel 7 is likewise available in 128GB and 256GB, but it doesn’t have a 512GB variant.

You can learn more about the Pixel 7 Pro here, and about the Pixel 7 here.

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