YouTube Canada and HXOUSE create new program to help emerging Canadian content creators

The program, called CNCPT, will feature free resources and mentorship opportunities

YouTube Canada and HXOUSE have partnered to launch CNCPT.

Pronounced “concept,” the program features free resources and networking opportunities for emerging Canadian creators, helping them grow their YouTube channels, tackle monetization, and find new opportunities.

Creators can take part in remote or in-person programs. Graduates will also be able to apply for grants under a $100,000 fund from YouTube to support ideas that will help grow their channels.

“We know that YouTube is the lifeblood for creatives and entrepreneurs alike to get their message and brand out to the world, and that’s why we’re extremely excited to celebrate this historical partnership and program,” Ahmed Ismail, CEO of HXOUSE, said.

“Learning how to commercialize creativity has been a missing gap in Canada that we can now fulfill. CNCPT will be an excellent accelerant to our already thriving community at HXOUSE, and we welcome the opportunity to help even more Canadian creatives reach their potential.”

The partnership comes following recently released research from Oxford Economics showing YouTube supported more than 34,000 jobs in Canada in 2021, contributing $1.1 billion to the country’s GDP.

Those interested in joining the program can find more information on CNCPT’s website.

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