Google’s Android 13 statue is a swingset that kinda looks like a butt

Depending on your imagination, the statue looks like other body parts too

As is tradition, Google installed an official statue on its campus commemorating the Android 13 release. Except, as Android Police spotted, the statue kinda looks like the Android mascot (called bugdroid by many) grew a big ol’ butt.

The statue is supposed to be a swingset made out of the number 13 rotated on its side. Unfortunately, Google decided to make the crossbar of the swingset blue instead of green to match the sideways ‘3’ seat. Because of this, at a quick glance, it’s not super obvious that the swingset is the number 13 rotated 90 degrees.

Coupled with the bugdroid’s head appearing at the top in the same colour as the 3, it kinda looks like a butt (or perhaps other, more unsavoury parts of the human anatomy, depending on your imagination and where you draw the lines).

For those not able to go to Google’s campus and check out the new bugdroid buttdroid statue for yourself, Google also has an augmented reality (AR) version you can view online. The AR version does make the blue bar a little more prominent, but the butt is very much still there.

Beyond the new buttdroid display, the new statue joins the group of Android statues that don’t feature desserts. Back when Google still leaned into the dessert names for Android releases, we got neat statues that combined the bugdroid with Oreos, pies, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Those statues were fun, and definitely didn’t look like body parts.

Image credit: @tikurahulahul

Source: Twitter Via: Android Police

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