Toronto-based 1Password adds new secure file sharing feature

1Password users can easily, securely share sensitive files and documents with others

Toronto-based AgileBits rolled out new functionality to its 1Password password manager that makes it easier for users to securely share documents.

1Password detailed the new feature in a blog post (via The Verge). It’s effectively an expansion of the secure password-sharing feature released last fall. 1Password users can share documents or files stored in the app to other 1Password users, or people who don’t use 1Password.

To share a file, 1Password users must create a secure link to it. The Verge describes it as similar to sharing a Google Drive file, but with more control over who can access the file. 1Password lets users restrict file access through expiry dates, or make people verify their email address with a one-time code to gain access.

For recipients, the process is as simple as clicking a link. It opens a ‘share.1password.com’ page where recipients can access the file or information shared with them. 1Password even shared an example file so people can see how it looks.

Overall, it seems like a pretty handy addition to 1Password. It should be a lot easier to share sensitive documents and files with friends and family. Or, just a great way to securely share your Netflix password with someone (despite how much the company wishes you’d stop sharing your password).

You can learn more about 1Password’s file-sharing features here.

Images credit: 1Password

Source: 1Password Via: The Verge

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