Dyson’s V12 Detect Slim vacuum is now available in Canada

The company has finally ditched the trigger for a standard power-on button

Dyson V12 Detect Slim

Dyson’s V12 Detect Slim cordless vacuum has finally made its way to Canada.

The high-end vacuum features a detangling brush bar and laser dust illumination that allows users to view dirt and dust particles on the ground, complete with an LCD screen that indicates what type of debris is being sucked up.

The V12 Slim offers the same performance and functionality as the company’s larger cordless vacuums but in a much smaller and lighter body. It also features a single-button power control instead of a trigger, which is a great move on Dyson’s part if you’ve ever used one of their vacuums before. For example, the V11 Outsize I’ve used for the past few years is pretty weighty and after I vacuum my stairs, my wrist always hurts.

Dysons new V12 Detect Slim is available now and starts at $849 in Canada.

Dyson Pet Grooming Dyson has also launched several new accessories for its vacuum line, including the very unique Pet Grooming Kit that allows you to brush your pet and suck up its hair at the same time (it works with any wireless Dyson vacuum). The Pet Grooming Kit launches in Canada later this year for $69.99.

Other new accessories include a Scratch-free Dusting Brush ($59.99) that sucks up debris as you dust and a new Awkward Gap Tool ($59.99) that aims to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier.

Image credit: Dyson