Apple Podcasts now offer better audience analytics to creators

Creators can also customize their subscription banners by adding messages to promote their channels and shows

Apple Podcasts are getting a much-needed update in April that will allow creators to gauge their audience and monetize their content.

The update will basically provide creators with follower metrics that will allow them to check how many followers are listening to their shows, along with metrics to gauge new followers gained in the past week, month, two months and all-time via a private analytics dashboard. Additionally, the dashboard will also let creators check the time listened, categorized under following and non-following listeners.

Until now, follower counts were not visible to Apple Podcast creators. Apple’s aim with the update is to allow creators to see what kind of a following they have, and accordingly, consider launching a subscription to give users an ad-free experience and exclusive subscriber-only content.

The Cupertino, California-based company is also letting creators customize their subscription banners by adding messages to promote their channels and shows. Learn more about the banners and how they can be customized here.

“Starting today, all creators enrolled in the Apple Podcasters Program can now request direct guidance from the Apple Podcasts team to help jump-start their subscriptions,” reads Apple’s blog post about the update. The Apple Podcasts team can help new creators create a channel, set up their show for a subscription, learn about subscription best practices, understand subscription reports, and more, according to Apple.

Lastly, Apple Podcasts now supports MP3 files for subscriber audio, in addition to WAV and FLAC files, making it easier for creators to create and share their podcasts.

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Source: Apple

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