This $10 bundle of nearly 1,000 games supports Ukrainian charitable efforts

A bunch of Canadian creators are taking part

Backbone PC

A slew of game makers has teamed up to offer their works as part of a special charity bundle in support of Ukraine amid Russia’s unlawful invasion of the country.

As organized by Necrosoft Games, the ‘Bundle for Ukraine’ is intended to raise money for two charities: International Medical Corps (will provide medical assistance in Ukraine) and Voices of Children (a support group for children coping with the war).

The bundle is being offered for a minimum of $10 USD (about $12.88 CAD) and features nearly 1,000 games from more than 700 creators, including:

  • A Mortician’s Tale (Toronto’s Laundry Bear Games)
  • Backbone (Vancouver’s Eggnut)
  • Celeste (Vancouver’s Extremely Ok Games)
  • CrossCode (Radical Fish)
  • Lucifer Within Us (Montreal’s KitFox)
  • SkateBIRD (Glass Bottom Games)
  • Superhot (Superhot Team)

The full list of games, as well as where you can purchase the Bundle for Ukraine, can be found here.

Image credit: Eggnut/Raw Fury

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