Apple’s Mac Studio maxes out at $9,999 in Canada

With the right peripherals, you can get that price up to $46,387

Apple’s new Mac Studio will run you a cool $10,000 in Canada. Well, $9,999 to be exact, but at that point what’s another loonie?

Besides, that $9,999 price is just the maxed-out Mac Studio. Want a monitor? Keyboard? A mouse? Maybe some software to make use of all that power? Yup, you’ll need to open up that wallet again.

All right, let’s break it down and see what all that money gets you:

What you get for $9,999

To get up to that mammoth $9,999 figure, the first thing you need to do is opt for the M1 Ultra variant of the Mac Studio. That tacks an extra $1,250 on to the base $4,999 price.

Next, you’ll need to pick the 128GB memory option and max out your storage with the 8TB SSD (those will run you an extra $1,000 and $2,750 respectively).

That all gets you to the $9,999 price tag. Before we go any further, I want to point out that the eye-watering price tag is far from the highest Apple’s ever had. The Mac Pro maxed out at $73,396 in Canada. If the Mac Studio is as powerful as Apple claims, then that $9,999 price tag is a steal.

Extra costs on top of the $9,999

There are a few extras to keep in mind when pricing out your dream Mac Studio (and for the sake of this, we’re just going to roll with the Apple stuff, although you could probably save a ton by buying some non-Apple items).

First, if you want Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro software, you’ll need to pay extra. You can get the software bundled with the Mac Studio — Final Cut Pro will run you an extra $399.99 while Logic Pro will be an extra $279.99. With both those on, you’re up to $10,678.98 total.

Next up we have displays. Sure, you could go for Apple’s new Studio Display, but for those of you seeking the ultimate in Apple spending, the obvious choice is the Pro Display XDR. Naturally, you’ll want the ‘nano-texture glass’ for the ultimate in viewing, which brings the price to $7,499. And you can’t forget the $1,299 Pro Stand, bringing the total to $8,798 for the monitor.

Apple’s website says the Mac Studio supports up to four Pro Display XDR monitors at the same time (plus one 4K TV, but we’ll leave that out of the equation since Apple doesn’t sell one). Four ProDisplay XDR monitors will run you $35,192, or $45,870.98 total with the Mac Studio included. Thankfully, the ProDisplay XDR includes an Apple Thunderbolt cable (otherwise they cost $159 a pop).

Speaking of accessories, you’ll need input devices to use the new Mac Studio. Assuming you’ll go all-in on Apple’s accessories, you’re looking at $229 for a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and a Numpad, $169 for the Magic Trackpad, and $119 for the Magic Mouse.

That brings us up to $46,387.98, which covers almost everything you need. All that’s left is Apple Care+ for your new Mac Studio and all of your Pro Display XDRs (at the time of writing, Apple’s website didn’t list the Apple Care cost for the Mac Studio, but coverage for the Pro Display XDR costs $649 per monitor).

So, there you have it. The ultimate Apple purchase. You will never financially recover from it, but it’s there if you want it.

For everything revealed during Apple’s March event, follow this link.

Image credit: Apple

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