EA removes Russian international and club teams from FIFA and NHL titles

EA's move reflects the IIHF, FIFA and UEFA's decision to kick out Russian international and club teams from real-world sports

One of the world’s biggest game developer, publisher and distributor Electronic Arts (EA) is now taking a stand against Russia amid its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

In simultaneous Tweets posted via the company’s FIFA and NHL accounts, the company announced that it is removing Russian national and club teams from the popular titles.

While the move from EA undoubtedly won’t deter Putin and his plans, it does act as a symbolic gesture of unity with Ukraine and its people, and reflects the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and Union of European Football Associations’s (UEFA) decision to kick out Russian international and club teams from real-world sports.

Judging by recent protests going on in Moscow and other Russian cities, it’s evident that the general population was left blindsided, and do not support or condone the war, and they are the ones who are now paying the price of its dictato…(ahem) leader’s actions. Additionally, athletes on said teams work hard throughout the year to make their nation proud, only to be removed form all competitions.

The move from EA comes soon after other big tech companies put forward sanctions against the nation.

Reddit has shadowbanned the subreddit r/Russia for spreading misinformation and war propaganda, while Facebook and Tik Tok are taking down Russian state media in Europe. In addition, YouTube has blocked Russia’s state-owned media outlet RT from earning ad revenue and Google has restricted live traffic data in an effort to safeguard the concentrated local population’s location.

Canadian providers, including Bell, Rogers, Telus,  Shaw, Access Communications and VMedia have also removed RT from their respective channel lineups, and Apple has halted the sale of its products in Russia.

Netflix has halted all future Russian projects, and Sony and Microsoft have been requested to cease operations in Russia and Belarus.

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Source: EA

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