Luxury brand launches $7,000 gold plated Galaxy S22 Ultra

Who is actually buying these phones?

Outlandish Russian brand, Caviar, has customized Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series by adding a little more luxury to the line.

Caviar has launched six different collections of the Galaxy S22 series. The ‘Ocelot,’ is the most expensive and starts at $6,600 USD (about $8,398 CAD) for the 128GB Galaxy S22. Pricing goes all the way up to $7,830 USD ($9,963 CAD) for the Ultra model with 512GB of storage.

Caviar says that the handsets are double electroplated with 24K gold and feature a black PVD-titanium material on the back with golden laser engraving.

While the Ocelot collection starts at the most expensive pricing, the Great Gatsby collection features even more expensive luxury materials on the back. This one also sports 3D geometric patterns and ranges from $6,450 to $7,680 USD ($10,001 CAD).

Lastly, there’s the Bird Of Prey lineup, which includes the 24K gold double electroplated back as well as some crocodile skin. These handsets start at $6,370 USD ($8,105 CAD) and go up to $7,600 ($9,671 CAD).

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series launches in Canada on February 25th and starts at $1,o99 CAD. You can learn more about Canadian pricing, here.

You can check out the devices on Caviar’s website, here.

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