Sony cuts PlayStation 5 production due to chip shortage: report

It's only a slight reduction, though


Sony has reduced its PlayStation 5 production forecast, according to Bloomberg.

The company is now reportedly expecting to manufacture 15 million consoles by March 2022, which would be down slightly from the 16 million it had publicly announced last month.

Per Bloomberg, the issue stems from the ongoing global chip shortage, which has been a recurring problem in many industries, not just gaming. Earlier this week, Valve’s Nintendo Switch-esque Steam Deck was delayed into 2022 for this reason.

However, the outlet also notes that there are logistical challenges stemming from uneven COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in countries where these chips are being made.

Ultimately, though, one million fewer consoles isn’t a drastic reduction, and hopefully, PlayStation can maintain its relatively steady production of the consoles going into the new year.

Source: Bloomberg