Microsoft reports record-breaking 2.4Tbps DDoS attack in August

The target was a Microsoft Azure customer based in Europe

Microsoft revealed that its cloud computing service Azure was recently the target of what could be the largest-ever Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on record.

The 2.4Tbps attack was directed at an unnamed Azure customer based in Europe.

For context, cloud computing services like Azure are typically used by companies looking to store large amounts of data locally, so the customer in question is likely a company rather than an individual person.

In a blog post, a senior program manager for Azure Networking says that the attack was “140 percent higher” than the 1 Tbps attack it handled in 2020, and “higher than any network volumetric event previously detected on Azure.”

The Verge reported that this attack just beats out the previous record for the largest-ever mitigated DDoS attack.

That distinction was held by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which dealt with a 2.3Tbps attack back in June 2020.

Image Source: Microsoft

Source: The Verge

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