This new USB-C dongle can run two 4K displays from an M1 MacBook

If you need two displays for your M1 Mac, this is your fix

Accessory maker Hyper says that its new docks allow M1 MacBook owners to plug in and use two external 4K displays at once.

This solves a major pain point since the existing M1 MacBooks can only connect to one external 4K display at a time.

There are two versions of this product. One only supports two HDMI ports and USB-C passthrough for power, and the other is a 10-in-1 hub in addition to having the power to run two monitors. This includes slots for an Ethernet cable, SD Card headphone jack and more.

The smaller dongle starts at $129 USD (roughly $160 CAD) and the more expensive option costs $199 USD (roughly $248 CAD). Only the more expensive version is currently listed in the Hyper store and it’s expected to ship on October 21st.

Overall, this product seems to solve the issue of only allowing one display, but it should be noted that only one of the monitors is going to be 60Hz while the other will get throttled down to 30Hz.

Source: Hyper

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