Rogers confirms its Anyplace TV app will die on October 10

The carrier is pushing subscribers to its Ignite TV platform


In a notice on its website, Rogers has confirmed that its Rogers Anyplace TV service included with Rogers Digital TV subscriptions will no longer be available as of October 10th.

According to the telecom giant, this means that Rogers Digital TV subscribers will no longer be able to view content on their computer or mobile devices through the Rogers Anyplace app or online streaming portal.

The complete statement from Rogers regarding Anyplace TV is available below:

“Since this service is accessed through an app and online streaming portal, you will no longer be able to view subscribed programming on your computer or mobile devices via Rogers Anyplace TV. Learn more about subscribing to Ignite TV and using the app to access TV, movies and music all in one place.”

Rogers notes that subscribers should shift to its Ignite TV platform that also offers a mobile app to continue to access the carrier’s TV, movies and music services on different platforms.

Source: Rogers 

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