Twitter begins beta testing for “Safety Mode” auto-block setting

Accounts flagged by Safety Mode will receive a seven-day temporary ban

In an effort to reduce harassment on its platform, Twitter announced that it’s rolling out a new feature called ‘Safety Mode’ to a small group of beta testers.

According to a blog post by Twitter Senior Product Manager Jarrod Doherty, Safety Mode is an in-development setting that Twitter users will be able to flick on or off. While Safety Mode is activated, accounts that “use harmful language or send repetitive, uninvited replies” will be temporarily auto-blocked.

Accounts auto-blocked by Safety Mode are then unable to follow you on Twitter, see your Tweets, or send you DMs for seven days.

Notably, Safety Mode will reportedly not work on Twitter accounts that you already follow or regularly interact with, so trusted friends can continue to cuss away and spam your replies with impunity.

No timeline was provided as to when Safety Mode will be made available to the public.

This announcement from Twitter was made on the same day that the social media platform launched its new, much-teased “Super Follows” feature, which gives select Twitter users the ability to paywall certain tweets for paid subscribers only.

Source: Twitter

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