Spotify buys AI podcast tool to highlight the best moments of a show

Podz uses AI to find shareable moments in your podcast

Spotify isn’t slowing down its podcasting empire-building as it acquires a new startup called PodZ that uses AI to find the best parts of a podcast so creators can share clips on social media with ease.

Over the last few years, basically, since Spotify bought Anchor and Gimlet media in early 2019, the audio streaming company has been building itself into the home for podcasts on the web. It even went as far as to spend close to $1 billion USD to acquire podcast shows and exclusive content.

More recently, the company launched a paid podcasting option that allows creators to keep some of its content behind a paywall. This is meant to be a way for creators to make a bit more money from the content they make. This came shortly after Apple announced the same feature.

Facebook is also reportedly about the jump into the wild world of podcast hosting as well. The leak suggests Facebook will have a way for users to easily create shareable clips, so Spotify announcing that it’s working on the same thing through this Podz acquisition seems like a mode to hedge that.

Spotify says that it plans to integrate Podz tech into its app before the end of the year, according to Engadget. 

Source: Engadget

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