Give Dad a gift he’ll actually use with these deals on mobile accessories

All of our mobile devices could use a little more love. When we’re not accidentally dropping them, we’re tossing them in our bags.

This Father’s Day, give Dad something he’ll actually use. We’ve collected some of the biggest deals from Best Buy Canada on mobile accessories.

From screen protectors to charging stations, check out the links below for discounts on accessories he’ll love without breaking the bank.

Zagg Invisible Elite+ iPhone 12/Pro/11/XR for $29.99 (save $5)

Zagg InvisibleShield Elite+ iPhone 12 ProM for $29.99 (save $10)

Zagg Invisible EliteVG+ iPhone 12/Pro/11/XR for $36.99 (save $3)

Zagg InvisibleShield EliteVG+ iPhone 12 ProM $37.99 (save $12)

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Elite Plus Tri $29.99 (save $10)

Insignia 15W Qi Charging Pad $19.99 (save $5)

Insignia 10W Pad and Cable $9.99 (save $10)

Insignia 10W Qi Charging Station $24.99 (save $5)

Belkin 7.5W+5W Wireless Charging Dock $119.99 ($10)

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