Apple Fitness+ roles out workouts for pregnancy and older adults

There are even new beginner workouts now too

Apple is rolling out two new workout categories to its Apple Fitness+ platform that are aimed at more special-case workouts.

This includes even more beginner workouts and new categories dedicated to older adults and pregnant women. To help with this, Apple has added several new trainers to the program. These additional programs will launch on April 19th alongside a new ‘Time to Walk’ episode that features Jane Fonda.

The pregnancy workouts include 10 new programs to help develop core and overall strength. There are also several mindful cooldowns that offer a combination of stretching and relaxation — these are my favourite part of the Apple Fitness program. 

Each pregnancy workout only takes out 10 minutes and is led by Fitness+ trainer and mom-to-be Betina Gozo. These workouts come with tips for using a pillow to help make up for the body changes that come with pregnancy.

The roughly 10 minute long workouts geared towards older people use light weights and bodyweight and show modifications to help people still do the exercises with a chair.

These new additions plus the new Apple Fitness+ classes for beginners should make it even easier for more people to test out the company’s fitness program. New episodes are usually added weekly in the existing Apple Fitness categories.

Source: Apple

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