7-Eleven’s latest app deal discounts its ‘The Classic’ Chicken Sandwich to $0.07

This chicken sandwich can't possibly taste good, right?

We encounter in-app deals all the time, but it takes something really special for MobileSyrup to write about one.

7-Eleven recently jumped into the chicken sandwich war for reasons that remain unclear and if I had to guess, this new menu item isn’t selling well. To drum up hype, the convenience store chain is offering its ‘The Classic’ Chicken Sandwich for $0.07 with an in-app coupon that’s only available to new sign-ups.

The first thing you need to do is make an account. Luckily you can use ‘Sign in with Apple,’ but as soon as you do, you’re hit with another splash screen where you’ll be asked to add your phone number and email. This means I’ll likely soon be the proud recipient of countless 7-Eleven promo emails.

Once you’ve created your 7-Eleven account, you can find the chicken sandwich offer under the ‘Deals’ tab at the bottom and under the ‘Exclusive Deals’ category.

I’m not one to let a deal like this slip by. I live down the street from a 7-Eleven, so I’ll be purchasing a $0.07 Chicken Sandwich to know first hand if the deal is worth it.

Keep an eye on this story and our MobileSyrup Instagram account for an in-depth look at 7-Eleven’s ‘The Classic’ Chicken Sandwich.

7-Eleven’s app is available on iOS and Android.

Update 16/04/2021 12:13pm ET: 7-Eleven says that the offer is only available on new sign-ups and at “locations that have Crispy Chicken Classic.” The story has been updated to reflect this information.

Update 16/04/2021 5:05 PM ET: If you missed my Instagram Story, I learned that only very specific 7-Eleven locations carry the sandwich and the app is pretty hit and miss. I did not end up with a sandwich so I have no flavour analysis yet.