Intel aims to beat Apple’s M1 chip in 11th Gen i7 benchmark tests with cherrypicked results

Intel seems threatened by Apple's M1 chip


Intel has shared benchmarks claiming that its 11th-generation Core i7 laptop processors are faster than Apple’s new M1 chip.

However, Intel’s benchmarking methods are reportedly a little questionable, according to PC World and Tom’s Hardware.

Intel’s benchmarks indicate that its 11th Gen Core i7 processor is faster than Apple’s chip in a Chrome browsing test, Office 365 tasks and Adobe creative apps. Regarding gaming, Intel mentions that certain games aren’t even available on Macs. The company also says that Apple’s battery life claims don’t surpass what laptops with its Core i7 processor are capable of.

The chip giant also pointed out that it has better support for external monitors and a wider variety of hardware that features its chips, including touchscreen laptops.

As pointed out by Engadget, Intel also switched hardware between tests for its own CPUs and Apple’s chip. For example, it used a Macbook Air for the battery test instead of the longer-lasting Macbook Pro.

While it’s undeniably true Intel’s new chip will be available in more laptops and offers better support for external monitors, many of the company’s benchmarks skew in its favour for reasons beyond just pure hardware performance.

It’s not unusual for companies to twist benchmark results, though Intel’s latest claims seem to have an air of desperation to them.

The company likely feels threatened by the buzz surrounding Apple’s M1 chip, forcing it to shift these tests in its favour. That in itself is a win for Apple.

PC World and Tom’s Hardware first reported on Intel’s benchmark tests.

Source: PC World, Tom’s Hardware, Engadget

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