CES 2021

Razer’s CES concepts include a mask with RGB lighting and an immersive gaming chair

Naturally, the chair also has RGB lighting

Companies often use CES as an opportunity to show off fancy concept products, many of which will likely never see final production. With CES going virtual this year, there hasn’t been as much space for showy concepts, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

Razer followed up its Blade laptop announcement with a look at two crazy concept projects; a whacky RGB mask and a high-tech immersive gaming chair.

First up, Razer showed off Project Hazel, dubbed as the world’s smartest face mask. Razer said it innovated on the N95 medical-grade mask with detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and ‘SmartPods’ that regulate airflow for optimal breathability. The SmartPods can filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles and have a high fluid resistance, according to Razer.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Project Hazel mask is the clear front panel, which allows people to see the wearer’s mouth — something that could help when talking to some with a hearing impairment who relies on lip-reading. The mask even has interior lights that can illuminate your face when it gets dark, as well as external RGB lighting.

Razer says that the mask can muffle the wearer’s voice, so it included new ‘VoiceAmp’ technology (Razer says it’s patent-pending) that uses a built-in microphone and amplifier to enhance speech.

On top of this, Razer created a wireless charging case that also disinfects the mask using UV light.

While not the first high-tech mask we’ve seen from a technology company, it’s the first I’ve seen with RGB lighting. As for how effective the mask will be, I have my doubts. Health Canada, for example, recommends against masks with exhalation valves as they don’t help protect others. The point of wearing a mask is that it catches droplets that could potentially carry the virus when you exhale, preventing others from breathing them in. A mask with an exhalation valve just sprays those droplets out of the valve instead of catching them. Granted, the Razer mask does have a filter, but it still could let some particles slip through.

You can learn more about it here.

Project Brooklyn, the ultimate gaming chair

Razer’s other concept, Project Brooklyn, is a crazy gaming chair designed to make gaming more immersive. The chair would offer a 60-inch, curved roll-out display for immersive visuals that wrap around the user. Additionally, it features ‘4D’ armrests that can roll-out into adjustable peripheral tables.

Razer says it equipped the concept with its ‘HyperSense’ integrated into the chair’s framework, which allows for ‘tactile immersion’ by providing haptic feedback through modules. For example, the chair can provide sensitive haptic feedback related to in-game actions, such as jumping into water or landing on a platform.

Naturally, the chair also sports Razr Chroma RGB lighting that can sync with different games for a more immersive experience.

Razer says it plans to continue developing the concept, test it and use it to gain insight into ways to make gaming more immersive.

You can learn more about Project Brooklyn here.

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