Demon’s Souls remake has more than 180 videos with PS5 Activities

The game launches on November 12th alongside the PS5

Demon's Souls remake

Demon’s Souls remake will have tons of ‘Activities’ available within the PS5 user interface. These Activities will include 180 helpful videos, similar to what was seen in the PS5 UI explainer last month. 

This news comes from a Washington Post broader feature where the creative director Gavin Moore confirmed that “there are over 180 videos, each with increasing levels of visibility into what’s needed to complete portions of the game, available via the interface.”

PS5 Activities are part of the console’s new user interface that can link gamers to guides, or it can serve as different load points in the game, which can jump the player to different stages in the game.

The new Activities feature can work in a picture-in-picture-style viewing, or users can pause the game to see the video better. We saw a glimpse of this feature in Sackboy: A Big Adventure during the PS5 UI explainer, but it has been pretty unclear how many of these games would get this feature or how many Activities would be available in a single title.

It’d be interesting to see how Activities work with a game like Demon’s Souls that are made to be extremely difficult.

Source: Washington Post, Via: GamesRadar

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