Tim Hortons, Burger King, Popeyes streamlining drive-thru experience with outdoor payment terminals

However, this also comes with a lot of gimmicky loyalty card stuff

tim hortons

Restaurant Brand International, the company behind Tim Hortons, Burger King and Popeyes, is rolling out a new digital drive-thru experience that hinges on customers having loyalty cards.

This new technology’s main point is that it allows customers to order and pay at the same stop, which should help speed up drive-thrus across the country.

“The first prototype is currently installed at a Tim Hortons restaurant in Canada, with 15 more locations to test this functionality by January 2021,” according to RBI’s press release.

These new experiences feature NFC/Bluetooth-enabled touchpoints near the new digital menu boards. When a user taps their loyalty card or app on these points, they’ll see past orders and tailored deals. RBI says that this is rolling out to 10,000 redesigned drive-thru locations across the USA and Canada.

Not only does this new system take into account what you’ve ordered in the past, but it also looks at the weather and the time to make recommendations. On top of that, the new system can show you the most popular item at each location.

Source: Restaurant Brands International, InsideTimmies