Neopets’ new mobile website update brings themes, premium portal

Neopets’ new mobile website is getting a slew of updates on September 2nd, including new shops and themes.

First up, Neopets will add a new Premium Portal page with access to ‘unconverted’ Premium features like the Journal and Scratchcards, as well as ‘converted’ features like the Super Shop Wizard. Speaking of which, Premium users now have access to the Super Shop Wizard in Neopets mobile.

The Super Shop Wizards allows players to search through all marketplaces at once, making it easier to find quest and trading items at a good price. Regular users get access to the Shop Wizard, which allows users to search one marketplace at a time. Specifically, these marketplaces are other users’ shops, not shops controlled by Neopets.

Along with the new features, Neopets mobile will get a few content updates. That includes access to the Altador Constellations theme as well as six new basic theme colours.

Neopets themes on mobile

Left: Basic Neopets theme on mobile. Right: Altador Constellations theme.

It’s worth noting that Neopets’ themes only change the look of the website for users. Players can unlock themes through features and events in Neopets. However, of the 50-60 themes that exist, only a limited number work on the mobile site. Neopets says its adding in a few beta themes on the mobile site, which will change much more, including the game’s background.

Further, Neopets says the Altador Constellations theme will be available to everyone in beta. Once the beta goes fully live, anyone who hasn’t earned the theme will lose it.

Finally, Neopets added links to the sites’ Privacy page and Terms of Service in the footer of the mobile version.

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