Former Googler Marc Levoy joins Adobe to work on universal camera app

Levoy was responsible for making the Pixel camera so good

Pixel 4 Camera

Marc Levoy, the researcher responsible for the excellent camera used in the Google Pixel phones, has joined Adobe.

According to The Verge, Adobe says Levoy will build a ‘universal camera app.’

It’s not immediately clear what this means — The Verge suggested it could refer to an app platform that companies like Facebook or Snapchat could leverage to make their camera apps. Alternatively, it could refer to an app or software that works across say, a smartphone camera and DSLR. Adobe wasn’t able to define the term for The Verge.

Levoy will work on computational photography initiatives across Adobe. Adobe told The Verge that Levoy would work with the Photoshop Camera, Adobe Research and Sensei AI teams in an email statement.

Before Adobe, Levoy headed the team behind the Pixel smartphones’ computational photography technology. Features like Night Sight, Portrait Mode and HDR+ came out of that team. Levoy also helped the Pixels take great photos without as much hardware as the competition. For example, the Pixel line didn’t add a second telephoto zoom lens until the Pixel 4 last year, while the iPhone 7 Plus from 2016 was Apple’s first phone to include a second camera.

Levoy left Google in March 2020 after working there for six years. Before joining Google full time, Levoy worked on the camera in the Google Glass Explorer Edition. Levoy also launched a Google-funded research project at Stanford in 2002 that eventually became Google Map’s Street View.

Source: The Verge

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