Two key members have left Google’s internal Pixel team in the last year

This doesn't bode well for the Pixel team in the future

Pixel 4 Camera

The key Pixel camera engineer and the general manager of the Pixel team have both left Google, although it’s unclear why.

Marc Levoy was known for his pivotal work on the Google Camera app and its advancements in computational photography. Levoy previously worked at Stanford on a project that later became Google Maps.

He was hired at Google in 2014 officially and his work led to popular features like ‘Night Sight,’ ‘HDR+’ and more. You may remember him from the Pixel 4 event, where he took the stage to talk about the camera.  It’s being reported by The information that he left Google in March of this year.

The other member to leave is Mario Queiroz, who was the general manager of the Pixel team. He reportedly left that team just before the Pixel 4 launch and then departed Google sometime after that.

There is no official reason for why both of these men left the company, but there is speculation that things are rocky in the Google Pixel division. A report from The Information states that Google’s head of hardware Rick Osterloh wasn’t happy with the Pixel 4 and its poor battery life.

Who knows if this has anything with Levoy and Queiroz leaving Google, but nonetheless, their departures are concerning for the Pixel line of phones. Hopefully, some new talent can step up to fill their shoes, but for now, we’ll just need to wait until the Pixel 4a comes out to see what it’s like.

Source: The Information Via: Android Central