SaskTel moving some grandfathered customers to more expensive plans

Some users with the Ultimate 65 plan will switch to the pricier Ultimate 70 plan in February


Saskatchewan-based telecommunications company SaskTel is reportedly raising prices for some users on grandfathered plans.

According to details sent to MobileSyrup by a reader, SaskTel will move several of its customers from the grandfathered Ultimate 65 data plan to the more expensive Ultimate 70 plan starting February 5th, 2020.

The only difference between the Ultimate 65 and Ultimate 70 plans are identical, save for the price. Ultimate 65 costs $65 per month while Ultimate 70 costs $70 per month.

SaskTel offered the Ultimate 65 plan between 2012 and 2013, which included 10GB of data followed by unlimited usage at a reduced speed of up to 2Mbps download and upload. Comparatively, this plan is quite good compared to similar offerings — something our reader also pointed out.

SaskTel’s current $65 plan includes only 1GB of capped shared data — users who go over will have to pay overage fees. Further, the closest plan SaskTel currently offers to the Ultimate 65 plan is $90 for 15GB unlimited with a 2Mbps throttle on usage beyond that. Other carriers, like Telus, Rogers and Bell, offer unlimited data plans as well that start at $65 per month for 10GB, but the reduced speed caps out at 512Kbps — significantly slower than what SaskTel offers.

In an email statement provided to MobileSyrup, SaskTel noted that the price changes were only affecting non-contract customers on a number of grandfathered plans. The migrations will result in a $5 per month increase. The full statement is included below:

SaskTel is committed to providing its customers with high quality wireless services at some of most affordable prices in the country. However, there are times when it is necessary for SaskTel to adjust its rates. In February 2020, SaskTel plans to migrate month to month customers (customers not on a contract) on a number of grandfathered plans to a newer plan resulting in a $5/month rate increase, this includes migrating month to month customers from the Ultimate 65 plan to the Ultimate 70 plan. Although we understand that rate increases are never ideal, these migrations will help to ensure that SaskTel can continue to invest in upgrading the largest and most advanced wireless network in the province while also continuing to provide customers with the high level of service they’ve come to expect from SaskTel at affordable prices.

While some may be concerned that since SaskTel is migrating customers to another grandfathered plan, it could move customers again in the future, the carrier told MobileSyrup that is has no plans to do so “at this time.”

In an email sent to customers, SaskTel says it’s “committed to investing in [its] network” to keep users connected to their family and friends. It said that it needed to change its pricing as it evolves its network “to enable the next generation of advanced wireless services.”

SaskTel notes customers will see the price change on their February bill, but since bills come one month in advance, users may also see partial charges for the time between when the plan changes and when the next bill comes.

Update 01/07/2020: Added a statement from SaskTel.

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