The average human face is worth about $5 according to Google

The company is looking to make sure its facial recognition system is unbiased

Pixel 4

Google offered random people on the street $5 gift cards to scan their faces to improve the Pixel 4’s facial recognition software.

The search giant released a blog post today detailing some of the phone’s upcoming features like the Project Soli hands-free navigation gestures and its facial recognition hardware.

Now that we know about the phone’s face unlock feature, it’s clear the street research that made headlines a few days ago related to the Pixel 4.

The Verge confirmed that Google is conducting field research to improve the Pixel 4’s face-scanning technology. Google wanted to collect scans from a wide range of people to ensure that the phone’s facial recognition is capable of working with a diverse set of individuals.

Source: The Verge, ZDNet

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