Google Chrome dark mode coming to desktop and Chrome OS: report

Dark mode for the web is coming to Google Chrome on desktop and Chrome OS. While this feature was available on mobile before, Google plans to expand the dark mode functionality to other platforms.

9to5Google discovered the functionality within the Chromium Gerrit, an online collaboration tool for submitting and reviewing code.

The new code reads, “Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme. #enable-force-dark.”

Reportedly the code describes five prospective dark modes, due to it being able to adapt to multiple platforms.

The options, for developers, will allow them to avoid simple inversions that invert all the colours on a webpage, whether or not the dark mode makes the page more difficult to see. The five colour options should make it easier to see certain aspects of a page that the current dark mode on Android avoids.

It’s unclear when Google will push dark mode for Chrome on desktop and Chrome OS.

Source: 9to5Google