Public Mobile to kill off its $10 ready-made plan

You only have one more day to sign up for this low-cost plan

public mobile

Public Mobile is getting rid of its cheapest $10 ready-made plan as of July 16th.

The $10 plan consists of 50 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited incoming texts, 50 outgoing and international texts and voicemail. The plan also lasts for 30 days, says Public Mobile.

Public Mobile’s forums state that anyone who is still on this plan will be able to keep it, but new members won’t be able to sign up for it after July 16th.

If you’re a Public Mobile customer that wants to take advantage of this plan you can find out how to switch over to it here.

Update 17/06/2019: Public Mobile has posted on its forums that it’s keeping the plan alive for a limited time due to popular demand.

Source: Public Mobile

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