Google Assistant may come to Canadian Sonos speakers in July

A recent Best Buy flyer says Google Assistant will come to Sonos speakers on July 9th

Sonos One front

Those of you waiting for Google Assistant to come to your Sonos One and Beam speakers, you may not have to wait much longer.

After rolling out initially to U.S. residents in May, Sonos said Assistant would come to other markets in the coming months. Now, it looks like it could come to Canada as early as July.

According to a page from the weekly Best Buy flyer (the one dated June 21 – 27), Google Assistant is coming July 9th. The flyer displays the statement above a picture of the Sonos One and Beam speakers.

However, Sonos’ website still lists Google Assistant as ‘Coming Soon‘ in Canada.

It’s not clear at this time if the flyer statement is a mistake, or if it’s accurate and we’ll see Google Assistant come to Sonos speakers soon.

Sonos One ad from Best Buy

The addition of Google Assistant would be welcome on Sonos speakers, as it’d bring all the functionality of Assistant to the speakers. Users will be able to ask for information, to play music and more.

Of course, the Sonos One and Beam speakers already support Amazon Alexa, so you can get most of the same functionality that way too.

You can see the Best Buy flyer for yourself here.

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