Rogers’ Ignite TV comes to Newfoundland

While it isn't cheap, Ignite TV has a lot of cool features

Rogers has finally brought its internet-based Ignite TV packages to Newfoundland.

Starting today the carrier is offering 12 different internet/Ignite TV packages to users in Canada’s Eastern-most province.

Ignite TV is an Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) offering from Rogers, which means that unlike traditional TV that is brought to your home via cables or satellite, it comes from the internet.

This gives Ignite a few unique features such as tighter integration with Netflix and other streaming apps, a voice remote, the ability to watch TV on any device and more.  

Ignite TV bundles must include a Rogers Internet package.

The package prices are as follows:

The ‘Starter’ tier includes 36 channels, ‘Select’ includes 117, ‘Popular’ features 149 and finally ‘Premier’ features 189.

On top of these prices, there’s also an Ignite TV professional installation fee of $149.99 plus tax.

You can find out more about Ignite TV by reading MobileSyrup’s explainer on the platform, and checking out Rogers’ website.

While Rogers is offering Ignite TV to residents of Newfoundland starting today, the carrier isn’t adding the option to its website until tomorrow, June 29th.

Source: Rogers

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