University of Waterloo joining IBM to solve quantum computing

The University of Waterloo will contribute its expertise in quantum algorithms and quantum complexity theory to IBM’s Q Network, according to a release on Thursday.

The Q Network is a collection of research institutions who will work with IBM to solve challenges facing the development of quantum computing.

Theoretically, quantum computers can be used to solve complex problems faster than traditional computers, like the potential cracking of today’s encrypted communication.

“Developing practical quantum applications that drive business and scientific breakthroughs requires a diverse ecosystem,” said Dr. Anthony Annunziata, IBM Q Network Global Lead at IBM Research. “Partnering with these world-leading academic and research institutions is key as we work to educate, empower, and get the next generation of students ‘quantum ready’ to advance the field.”

The University of Waterloo will join other institutions like Duke, Harvard and the University of Colorado Boulder and contribute research to the project.

Source: IBM

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