Rogers launches ‘Upfront Edge’ smartphone trade-in program

On Wednesday, Toronto-based national carrier Rogers announced the launch of its new Upfront Edge smartphone trade-in program.

Like Telus’ ‘Bring it Back’ and Bell’s ‘Pay Less Upfront’ programs, Upfront Edge allows subscribers to pay less money upfront on a new device when they sign a new two-year contract and agree to return their device at the end of their term or pay a predetermined fee to keep the handset.

With Upfront Edge, customers can save up to $490 on the upfront cost of a new smartphone. For example, the iPhone XS Max costs $209 upfront, instead of $589, when subscribers purchase the phone on a two-year Share Everything plan with Ultra tab. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is $0, instead of $120, when Rogers subscribers take advantage of the program.

Both existing and new customers can participate in the trade-in program.

Currently, the only devices included in the program are the Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9. Rogers says it plans to add more devices to the program in the future.

To keep a device, customers simply pay the amount they originally saved when they took advantage of the Upfront Edge program. In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, for example, it would cost $120 to keep the device.

To take advantage fo the program, customers must activate a new device on a Share Everything plan with an Ultra or Premium+ tab and activate their device in-store. Customers can still reserve a phone online but they need to ship it to a Rogers store for pick-up.

When returning a device, it must in “good working condition,” which means the phone must be able to power on to the home screen and accept a charge. It must also be possible to factory reset the device. Additionally, the phone’s display should not be cracked or broken, and there shouldn’t be any dark spots or blemishes on the exterior of the device. Lastly, customer must disable features like Find My iPhone.

Customers who cancel their contract within the carrier’s 15-day trial period will avoid any early cancellation fee. However, they must return the device in “near-new condition,” with the original packaging. Rogers will then cancel your participation in the plan.

Otherwise, if you cancel, you’ll have to repay the Upfront Edge cost as well as “any other applicable charges.” For example, with the Galaxy Note 9, you’ll have to pay the $120 that was saved with the Upfront Edge, plus a cancellation fee.

Upfront Edge is also stackable with Rogers’ ‘Trade Up’ program, which means you can save extra if you trade-in another device — depending on the handset — when signing up for the Upfront Edge program.

For more information on Upfront Edge, visit Rogers’ website and support pages.

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