CleanMyPC deletes junk and makes your PC run like new again for $26

Remember how fast your computer was when you first bought it? Nowadays, you can eat a full meal before Microsoft Word opens a file. This is because as we download more files and go about our daily usage our hard drives slowly fill up, which makes our computers run slower. With CleanMyPC you can clean these drives and make your computer run like new again for $26.31.

CleanMyPC is an easy-to-use program that scans your entire computer for junk files and deletes them in just a few clicks. Notable areas that CleanMyPC scans are your cache and logs, which you likely don’t clear yourself manually. It will also clean your Windows Registry of clutter, as well as eliminate leftover files from previously uninstalled programs. Additionally, CleanMyPC disables unnecessary auto-run programs, which will help Windows launch faster when you turn on your PC.

If you’re tired of experiencing PC slowdowns, CleanMyPC can make it feel brand new. You can buy a license from MobileSyrup Deals for $26.31 CAD [$19.99 USD], or 49% off.

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CleanMyPC: Single License – $19.99

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