MobileSyrup Holiday Gift Guide – Computer accessories [2018 Edition]

Computer accessories

Computers are near-ubiquitous these days, and as such getting the perfect accessory for someone to use with their Windows PC or Mac makes for great gift giving.

Mice and keyboards are excellent options, but there are several other choices too. Buying for a photographer? An external hard drive could help them back up their photos.

Apple, Microsoft and Google also make superb styluses for use with their respective platforms. These can make awesome gifts for digital artists.

Overall, there are many options to pick from when it comes to computer accessory gifts. We’ve included a few of our favourites to help inspire you this holiday season.

Surface Mobile Mouse

If you’re looking for a basic Bluetooth mouse, the Surface Mobile Mouse comes in a few nice colours and its simple design gives it an attractive presence. Further, its size and weight make it easy to bring with you.

Logitech MX Master 2S and Anywher 25

The Logitech MX series mice are possibly the best wireless mice out there. They feel premium and the they can filter though three connected devices with the tap of a button. Not to mention that the thumb scroll wheel on the Master 2S mouse is handy for video editors.

Vinpok Taptek

This tiny mechanical keyboard is great for people on the go that like the feel of mechanical keys, but need something that fits into a backpack. Plus, the keyboard looks amazing.


Buy from Vinpok

Aukey KM-G6

If you’re buying for a PC gamer and you’re looking for a keyboard then the KM-G6 is a great option that has cool lighting and mechanical switches without breaking the bank.


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Surface Pen, Apple Pencil or Pixelbook Pen

For the digital artist, one of the many great pen options are a must. Apple, Microsoft and Google all make excellent digital inking styluses. For iPad Pro users, the Apple Pencil is an excellent tool. Surface users will love the Surface Pen and the Pixelbook pen is great for taking written notes on your Chromebook.

USB-C Hubs

With increasing numbers of devices going over to USB-C, it helps to have dongles to plug in all your older devices. Aukey has a few solid USC-C hubs for all your dongle needs, but there are several options out there. To avoid issues, make sure the hub supports your device -- not all USB-C adapters work with every computer.

Prices vary

Options on Amazon

External hard drives

For people that do most of their work on a single computer, giving them an external hard drive to backup their files and pictures can be a game changer.

Prices vary

Options on Amazon

Solid State Drive

Whether you buy an internal option they can add to their computer, or an external drive to store things, SSDs are lightning fast and a great option for the nerds in your life.

Prices vary

Options on Amazon

Cable management straps

Cable management can either be the bane of your existence or a fun challenge. Either way, you need to have the right tools for the job. These velcro straps are cheap and reusable, making them great for managing cables.

Prices vary

Options on Amazon

SteelSeries Arctis 5

For the ultimate gaming experience, you’ll need a headset. Enter the Arctis 5, a headset with great sound, a built in microphone and support for all consoles, PCs and mobile phones. Plus, it saves non-gamers from hearing your late-night gaming sessions.


Options on Amazon

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