Samsung reveals new ‘Infinity Flex Display’ for its foldable smartphone

Samsung has finally revealed the display featured in its upcoming foldable smartphone, a new form of screen technology called the ‘Infinity Flex.’

While Samsung didn’t officially reveal the go-to-market design of the handset and literally kept the phone in the shadows, the company showed off how the device folds together like a book.

Samsung claims that the display is “flexible and durable enough to be folded hundreds of thousands of times.”

The Infinity Flex Display is thinner than any other display Samsung has launched, with it measuring in at 45 percent leaner than its current Super AMOLED screen due to the reduced thickness of its polarizer.

Samsung says when the phone is folded together, the 4.3-inch cover display allows the user to operate the device like a standard smartphone. When folded out, the Infinity Flex Display will feature a screen size of 7.3-inches. Samsung says the phone will feature ‘Multi-Active Window’ support that allows the user to open three apps simultaneously, which the company says “is the way multitasking was meant to be.”

With app continuity, Samsung notes when the user is actively using an app on the cover display, that same app will be open on the inside of the display as well.

The company says it will launch a developer APK and that it plans to host a developer session that outlines the guidelines that must be followed for apps to work on this wider display.

Further, Samsung says the device will use its new ‘One UI’ interface. The company also stated that the unnamed foldable smartphone will be ready for “mass production in the coming months.”

Further, Samsung revealed the foldable device’s technical specifications later during the conference. The ‘Cover Display’ measures in at 4.58-inches in size, with a 840 x 1,960 pixel resolution at 420ppi. The main screen, on the other hand, features a 1,536 x 2,152 pixel resolution at 420ppi.

What Samsung actually showed off during the keynote was a very thick block of a device, though Justin Denison, the company’s senior vice president of mobile product marketing said, “we’ve disguised the elements of the design but trust me there’s a device inside here and it is stunning.”

Rumours indicate that Samsung will officially reveal its foldable handset at CES 2019. Additionally DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile chief, said the device will launch globally.

Update 11/07/2018 5:59pm: The story has been updated with information regarding the foldable smartphone’s specific display dimensions and resolution.

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