Electronic Recycling Association donates old tech to Edmontonians in need

Three Edmonton-based organizations are getting much needed tech

Electronic Recycling Association website

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) will hold its monthly Day of Donations program in Edmonton on August 24th.

This will be the second month the campaign will run. Day of Donations takes place on one day every month. The ERA selects several organizations to donate to.

ERA collects and recycles old computer equipment. It also helps Canadian organizations and individuals manage retiring IT assets.

Day of Donations allows ERA to give back to the community. ERA usually picks three to five organizations from its waiting list and donates recycled and refurbished tech to those organizations.

For this Day of Donations in Edmonton, ERA will donate to Brander Gardens, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton and Spinal Cord Injury Alberta.

Brander Gardens helps teach children music and fine arts. It puts a strong emphasis on academic achievement, as well as social, emotional and physical growth. The donation from the ERA will go towards the after school program.

The Elizabeth Fry Society works on issues affecting women and girls in the justice system. Additionally, it helps female criminal offenders to re-integrate into society.

Finally, Spinal Cord Injury Alberta helps Canadians with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. A group of WWII veterans in Ontario started the association, which expanded to include offices in almost every province.

“These three organizations give back to our community on a daily basis and we are delighted to give back to them,” said ERA founder Bojan Paduh.

“We wish them all the best for the future and are extremely proud to have them as activists in our community.”

Furthermore, ERA plans to return to Edmonton in September to donate laptops to Al Mustafa Academy.

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