Pixel 3 XL spotted on TTC again with notch and two front-facing cameras

This guy loves using the Pixel 3 XL on the TTC

Pixel 3 XL spotted on TTC

Another eagle-eyed MobileSyrup reader spotted a Pixel 3 XL in Toronto. This time around, it was spotted on what appears to be a TTC subway.

The person with the device was captured using WhatsApp as well. We’ve edited out the name and personal information in the texts.

As with previous leaks, the device features a deep notch with two cameras and a speaker grill. In the photo, we can see the clock and notification icons on the left side of the notch. On the right are the battery, signal and vibrate icons.

Additionally, you can see what looks like the down arrow at the bottom left of the screen.

Furthermore, the photographer snapped a picture of the back of the device.

Pixel 3 XL back

It’s hard to see some of the details because of the hand. However, you can make out the edge of a single camera lens under the index finger. You can also see how the black glass subtly curves down into the grey material at the edge of the device.

Speaking of hands, the fingernails look awfully familiar. The backpack underneath the hands looks similar as well.

Last week, another MobileSyrup reader shared a photo of what could be the 3 XL spotted on a streetcar.

Pixel 3 XL spotted on a streetcar

While we can’t say definitively, it could be the same person from before. He’s taking the TTC, has a similar bag and is using WhatsApp again.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Is this the Pixel 3 XL? Is it something else? Could the notch be any bigger? Is this the same person with well-trimmed fingernails and great taste in bags?

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