Pixel 3 XL will feature 6.7-inch display, 3,430mAh battery: leaked hands-on video

Pixel 2 XL

Earlier this week, a Ukrainian blogger named Ivan Luchkov shared an unboxing video and images of a ‘pre-release’ Pixel 3 XL unit. Two days later, Luchkov has now shared another video on the Pixel 3 XL, uploaded to YouTube by Android Police, in which he showcases the phone’s interface.

What perhaps more notable about the video is that, partway through it, Luchkov benchmarks the smartphone with Antutu, which reveals several details about the Pixel 3 XL that hadn’t leaked up to this point.

According to Antutu, the upcoming smartphone features a 6.7-inch display and 3,430mAh battery — in comparison, the Pixel 2 XL features a slightly larger 3,520mAh capacity cell.

The Pixel 3 XL also includes a single rear-facing 12.2-megapixel camera, with three 8.1-megapixel front-facing cameras. As Android Police notes, the third camera could be reporting error by Antutu; visually, it appears there are only two cameras on the front of the handset. It’s also possible the third camera is a sensor that helps to facilitate the Pixel 3 XL’s facial recognition functionality.

Luchkov says he’ll upload a proper video on the Pixel 3 XL to his YouTube channel at some point in the near future.

Source: Ivan Luchkov Via: Android Police